Song of Solomon 4:7

Song of Solomon 4:7
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Soundtrack To My Night: 7:00PM

I think I’ve listened to this song at least thirty times in the past week (I kid you not). New music from Bethel Music. Love these folks…check them out. PS: Happy Birthday toooo meeee!


My First Trip Back to Africa

My first traditional Yoruba wedding...Well, the first I remember

My first traditional Yoruba wedding…Well, the first I remember

I recently completed a 12 day trip to Nigeria, after a 15 year ‘hiatus’ from being in the country. I am originally from Nigeria, but I have never been back since I left the country as a child. As you can imagine, a lot has changed! But that’s not the reason why I write. I write to show just how much God totally exceeded my expectations around this trip Continue reading

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The Proposal

“Now, why would we want to do that?” That was my client lead’s response when I proposed an idea God put in my heart as a means to alleviate a stubborn problem in his organization.

My current project at work involves being the face of a key business unit for my client’s business partners. When I started the role in March, I encountered issues the business faces on a daily basis that slowed down my work tremendously. In fact, there were some days where I didn’t move forward one bit. It was frustrating. Read More

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Great Men: Myron Rolle

Photograph from

Photograph from

A lot of us are familiar with series from popular magazines like the ‘Top 100 Beautiful People’, or the ’50 Sexiest Men on Earth’, etc. A typical series would feature someone like George Clooney and tout him for his chiseled jaw and his steamy eyes; and then go on to talk about his money and good works. That’s all fine and dandy. But the truth of the matter is, a chiseled jaw and steamy eyes are not what makes a man truly great. It’s easy to get stuck on the physical, but what about the character? So, I decided I would use this blog to provide images of what a great man truly looks like. Ladies, brace yourselves. Men, be inspired. First up is Myron RolleContinue reading

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God, when I think about it, the way you are just doesn’t make sense. Nothing is common about what you do. I sit in the airplane and look out my window. I look out yonder and I see mountains of clouds. Up here, they look like skyscrapers in the air. I look to the right and I see the glow of the sun poking through the clouds, giving everything beneath a misty halo. It’s beautiful…and I marvel.  Continue reading

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I Am Your Bride

I am your bride. I am the one you would give anything to be with – including your life. I am the one you picked up from the dirt and cleansed. I am your bride. I am the one you waited patiently for, even when I didn’t notice you. You gave me your best gifts. I failed to accept them. You held out your arms to me. I didn’t run in to them. You got down on one knee, held out your ring to me. My eyes were elsewhere. You waited patiently for me, even though it pained you. I am your bride.  Continue reading

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